How to switch accountants with confidence

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There are many reasons why you might want to switch accountants? Perhaps your business has grown and you are not getting the level of service you need, or perhaps you don’t feel your accountant represents value for money. Good accounting is a hugely valuable asset for businesses and it’s important that you have the right relationship with your accountant and can realise the value they bring.

Switching over to a new firm of accountants needn’t be difficult. We have outlined the main things you need to be aware of when making the switch:

When is the best time to change accountants?
Firstly, pick a good time to transition your accounts. A lull in the accounting year where there is not a lot of correspondence passing between you and your accountant would be ideal. This will make the tie-up more straightforward. Ensure that outstanding bills with your old accountant have been paid.

How to obtain clearance from your old accountant
You will need to inform your old accountant that you will be moving. Your new accountant will write to your old accountant to convey the following:

  • Request professional clearance to manage your accounts.
  • Confirm that there aren’t any professional reasons why your new accountant shouldn’t take you on.
  • Request the transfer of all documents relevant to your accounts.
    Request a letter of disengagement. This is a letter detailing the work they have completed up to this point, including key dates and information, which you will be required to sign off on.

How to register with your new accountant
You can expect to receive a registration form from your new accountant which, along with identification, will release them to act on your behalf with HMRC. Your new accountant is legally obliged to carry out a money laundering check on you.

Providing you are running your business properly then there shouldn’t be any difficulty with any of these transactions and you are ready to begin working with your new accountant.

Our dedicated onboarding team can walk you through this process so that you can switch with confidence. Call for a no obligation chat about working with us.

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